What Type of Shopper Are You?

What Type of Shopper Are You?

Have you ever stopped and thought about your shopping habits?

Sure, you think about the fashion statement you’re making, but have you thought about how or even why you shop?

Your style isn’t simply defined by your personality; it can be defined by your attitude, outlook, and strategy toward shopping.

  • As you pull into the mall parking lot, do you feel dread or excitement?

  • Are you a label addict, do you simply shop for utility or sheer pleasure?

  • Do you need to have every must-have trend shown in the magazines or are you mpre discerning about what suits you?

  • How much money do you spend on fashion?

Every single thought you have about shopping shapes your habits towards it. Knowledge is power, ladies and discovering what kind of shopper you are can help you in getting smart about your lifestyle and fashion choices.

So take the quiz now to uncover what type of shopper are you?

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What's Your Style Personality?

Step 1
Q1. To me shopping is:
Q2. I go shopping:
Step 2
Q1. I prefer to shop:
Q2. When I find something I like:
Step 3
Q1. I prefer to go shopping with:
Q2. I buy clothes to:
Step 4
Q1. My personal style:
Q2. If I have extra cash, I:
Step 5
Q1. When I’m wearing the latest styles, I feel:
Q2. I feel my best when dressed: